Version 3.8 (14/04/23)

  • Corrected Rover Scout conversion where “Australian Scout Medallion” should have read “Queen’s Scout Award”

Version 3.7 (28/10/21)

  • Moved to new hosting platform
  • Tidy up some wording around the site.
  • Updated Contacts page.

Version 3.6.1 (19/1/21)

  • Moved to a new theme with more control. Overall layout redesign.
  • Improved font readability
  • Converter Version number added as a Pod Settings Page field
  • Converter Version included in the output and email.

Version 3.6 (11/1/21)

  • Updated the names of peak awards
  • Added the option to include peak awards from past sections the Scout has been in
  • Corrected a few updates to language of the program
  • Added link to Scouts | Terrain on the front page

Version 3.5 (1/4/20)

  • Clarified in the output that a Cub Scout can earn a Special Interest Area badge for both green and red Achievement badges of the same topic.
  • Added the new Scouts Australia SES badge for all sections.
  • Added the Walkabout and Campout badges for all sections.
  • Fixed a few typos.

Version 3.4 (30/8/19)

  • Separated the two Swimmer levels in Cubs.
  • Added “either level” to all the Achievement badges in Cubs, unless they are separated due to OAS mapping.
  • Corrected some typos
  • Re-word some conversions
  • Added a new item in Cubs & Joeys “been in Cubs for 6 months or more” to award Intro To Section for Cubs without link badge, and for all Joeys
  • Reworded Intro To Scouting in Cubs and Rovers
  • Break out first-aider badge in cubs into both levels
  • Rewrite of Rover Squire Training badge conversion

Version 3.3.2 (12/7/19)

  • Added a note about looking at previous sections for OAS recognition, in the converter output and email.

Version 3.3.1 (2/7/19)

  • Tweaks to form language.

Version 3.3 (30/6/19)

  • Changed some of the field headings and to be more generic about who is using the converter.
  • Added a new form field to find out about the role that the user plays.
  • Updated the output to screen and email based on the above changes.

Version 3.2 (8/4/19)

  • Fixed SSL connection to images in converter output.
  • Email reformat and tidy up.
  • Slight edit of the tables created on converter output.

Version 3.1 (17/3/19)

  • Added clarifying statement about SIAs
  • Corrected Intro To Scouting for all sections
  • Added World Badge for Joey Scouts
  • Corrected Scout section Air Activities conversion
  • Typo in Rover section conversions

Version 3.0.1 (14/3/19)

  • Clarified words in pop up and at the top of the form.
  • Emphasized first name only in form.

Version 3.0 (6/3/19)

  • Updated Privacy Policy
  • Updated contacts
  • Moved copyright and PP links out of PHP code and into footer widget
  • Added a print button

Version 3.0beta (27/2/19)

  • Added all sections
  • Updated About page with further information/instructions
  • Removed AJ2019-only information
  • Added more detail about OAS conversions
  • Fixed typos
  • Added a pop-up reminder that this tool is for the new YP only
  • Added a Contacts page for branch support contacts.

Version 2.4 (9/2/19)

  • Font updates for branding
  • Changed instructions for selecting badges
  • Added Scouts Aus Copyright
  • Added link to Scouts Aus Privacy Policy in footer (see footer-two.php in Alexandria parent theme)

Version 2.3 (8/1/19)

  • Corrected text in Venturer Royal Life Saving badge outcomes
  • Rearranged pages to suit AJ2019 needs
  • Added buttons
  • Added code to style.css to enable customised form submit button

Version 2.2 (7/1/19)

  • Formatted output of all headings and added icons for badges

Version 2.1 (6/1/19)

  • Reformatted table headings for Program Essentials

Version 2.0

  • Re-organised pods, form, template for more sections.
  • Added Venturer Scouts

Version 1.3

  • Added Messengers of Peace badge
  • Added Patrol Activity Badges
  • Moved Change Log
  • Updated more information in About
  • Added link to About in confirmation page and in email to Scout.

Version 1.2

  • Capitals for First Aid in all occurrences
  • Remove Faith Awareness badge
  • Tidy up of some conversions
  • Refined column headings in output
  • Changed form label to include words “Award Scheme”

Version 1.1

  • Fixed coding error in Additional Badges outcomes.
  • Added State question.
  • Removed bottom footer search bar and copyright message. (see Alexandria parent theme footer-two.php line 10…)
  • Corrected Citizenship badge conversions
  • Corrected sailboarding to windsurfing
  • Corrected some OAS stage conversions – boating, aquatics, paddling
  • Removed brackets in old scheme output

Version 1.0

  • first release 29/12/18 for AJ2019 (Scout section only)