The Scheme-To-Pathways (S2P) converter is a tool designed for Scouts Australia youth members to use to guide their conversion of their current award scheme badges to the new Achievement Pathways.

It was originally built for AJ2019, to enable Scouts visiting the National Program Space to see what they could be recognised for when they switch to the new youth program. It has now been extended for use in all sections, for any unit wishing to translate their Scouts from the old to the new.

The results of this tool should be used as a guide only. This is especially true for the Outdoor Adventure Skills. Scouts need to work with their youth and adult leaders to ensure their conversion of badges is appropriate . Use this tool as a starting point!

Each badge in the old award schemes have been mapped across to a rough equivalent in the Achievement Pathways. In the older sections there is more ambiguity in translating between badges, as the requirements become more open ended. This tool will give guidance.

Where there is an option of more than one possible roughly equivalent badge in the Achievement Pathways, Scouts can decide to choose just one, not all the options presented! However, there are some cases where a single badge in the award scheme gives recognition to different parts of different areas of the Achievement Pathways. The tool will describe those situations.

Please visit the Contacts page for how to seek help and guidance in conversions.